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Acne is in fact caused by a set or combination of causes that is specific to individuals and the best acne solution therefore, is to use such a set of corrective and preventive measures that can best curb that causative set.

It is a set against set matter of cause and remedy for acne solutions. Had it been a matter of one cause, there might have been one solution and out of a list of these solutions one could have picked up the best acne solution, which anyway is not the case. both of causes and remedies. Adolescents have been emotionally blackmailed by the opportunists trying to sell out to them the most irrelevant and completely ineffective materials, portraying them as one touch acne panacea. What is a typical set of acne causes? A typical set of acne causes comprises of, hormonal imbalance due to excessive production of the male sex hormone androgen during puberty, menstrual cycle or pregnancy, an infection caused by the bacteria Propionibacterium acne, Excessive consumption of sugar, dairy products, spices etc , insufficiency of hydration, carelessness regarding personal hygiene, exposure to extreme climatic conditions, involvement in sex exciting activities and ignoring acne.

Acne solutions A remedial set of acne in the above case would be, use of hormonal drugs like birth control pills under professional medical advice only, use of an effective antibiotic like Tetracycline under medical prescription only, to refrain from excessive consumption of pro acne foods, to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking sufficient water, to improve personal hygiene, to refrain from sex exciting activities and neither to ignore acne as just a temporary nuisance, nor to consider puncturing as a remedy.

Should or should we not? Acne, no doubt is a problem, but should we let our growing kids (and some grown ups too) fall victims and easy prey to the array of selfish opportunists? In the hands of those who, offering money back type of guarantees, in fact, aggravate the condition by selling of their counter effective chemical blends as acne solutions?

Who is the best decision maker? The wearer only knows, where the shoe pinches and I am of the firm opinion that the sufferer is the person to pin point the most probable set of causes, which then can be analyzed for appropriate prescription by a qualified medical professional, a dermatologist, an aesthetician or may be a gynecologist in some cases. Laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) therapy for example is one of the latest options, but the sufferer (or parents, having listened carefully) is the right decision maker for this option. Remember, self esteem, in no case has to be tarnished by something like acne.

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